Sneaky Ways Bars Make Money When You are Wasted


That liquor may only look top shelf. | Jochen Sand/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Sneaky Ways Bars Make Money When You are Wasted

If you’ve everِ beenِ to a bar andِ paid someِ seriousِ cash forِ drinks, youِ mightِ haveِ wondered whyِ atِ some point.
Bars areِ businesses — andِ it turns outِ they haveِ a number ofِ sneaky ways toِ save money.
Wondering howِ to stop wasting money atِ bars.

1. You might not be drinking what you ordered

Have youِ everِ ordered a top-shelf liquor andِ watched theِ bartender pour itِ right outِ ofِ the top-shelf bottle.
The liquor heِ poured mightِ not beِ what youِ ordered, according toِ Mashed.
Can yourِ taste buds tellِ the difference.

Don’t count on a fresh pour. |

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2. Your glass of wine could be off

These days, lots ofِ restaurants offer a wide array ofِ wines byِ the glass.
Hmmm … howِ doesِ that work withِ opening allِ those bottles andِ keeping themِ fromِ turning.
If you’ve everِ ordered wine that’s notِ a popular choice fromِ the “by theِ glass” list andِ it tasted funky, itِ was probablyِ old.

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3. The owner might cheap out on cleaning

There’s a good chance those taps have never been cleaned. | Nisimo/iStock/Getty Images

Everyone hasِ sat atِ a bar andِ noticed a strange smell atِ some point.
Could beِ the girl’s awful perfume fiveِ seats downِ or couldِ beِ a grungy, unclean bar smell.
After all, whoِ will notice inِ a dimly lit bar.

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4. Your bartender takes shortcuts with cocktails

When didِ a cocktail becomeِ a $15 toِ $20 thing.
But still, it’s happening becauseِ many bar owners willِ charge whateverِ theِ market willِ bear.
Maybe not, according toِ Market Watch.

Make sure that pricey cocktail is worth it. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

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5. There are no snacks on the horizon

A bar owner whoِ saves money byِ not putting outِ salty snacks forِ customers isِ shooting himselfِ in theِ foot.
If a bar doesn’t serve food andِ people areِ getting hungry whileِ they’re drinking, they’ll leave toِ goِ eat.
But ifِ a bar serves snacks, customers willِ likelyِ stay andِ have a couple more.

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Patrons are more likely to stay if there’s food. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

6. Your beer is too foamy

An American pint ofِ beer holds 16 fluid ounces.
That number goesِ way downِ when mostِ of theِ beer isِ foam, according toِ Mashed.
When youِ getِ a beer atِ a bar andِ there’s a solid head ofِ foam onِ it, theِ bar owner eitherِ instructed theِ bartenders toِ pour beer thatِ way orِ the bartender wantsِ toِ getِ backِ to watching theِ game andِ doesn’t haveِ time toِ doِ it right.

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7. The bartender doesn’t offer you water

Mashed contends bartenders knowِ that ifِ they don’t offer youِ water andِ you forget toِ order it, chances areِ you’ll drink moreِ alcohol — becauseِ you’re thirsty.
That oneِ reason youِ mightِ not getِ a glass ofِ water withِ your drink.
If youِ drink a glass ofِ water afterِ each cocktail you’ll feel betterِ in theِ morning — and useِ theِ bathroom moreِ frequently whenِ you’re atِ the bar.

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8. The alcohol might be weak

Yes, someِ bar owners reallyِ doِ dilute theirِ bottles ofِ alcohol withِ water, according toِ ABC News.
The magic number anِ owner typically replaces withِ water isِ approximately 10% ofِ the bottle’s volume, whichِ saves a bar a boatload ofِ money inِ the long run andِ which mostِ people don’t evenِ notice.
Unfortunately, there’s notِ a lot youِ canِ do aboutِ this one.

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9. Watch out for the rim dip

This sounds likeِ something outِ ofِ a film noir movie, butِ bartenders haveِ a couple ofِ tricks upِ theirِ sleeves whenِ itِ comesِ to making patrons thinkِ they’re gettingِ a great pour. The bartender willِ dip yourِ glass rim intoِ whatever you’re drinking — thisِ way, theِ firstِ thing youِ smell andِ taste isِ … alcohol. Another hack bartenders employ isِ filling yourِ straw withِ whateverِ alcohol you’re drinking beforeِ they put itِ inِ your drink.

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10. You see more ice than booze in your drink

Bartenders canِ ice downِ drinks likeِ nobody’s business, according toِ Thrillist. When youِ getِ a cocktail andِ it’s full ofِ ice itِ might lookِ likeِ you gotِ a lot ofِ drink. Clearly, doingِ this canِ save bar owners tons ofِ dough.

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11. The bartender is chintzy with mixers

Although itِ might sound silly, bar owners canِ save money byِ having theِ bartenders skimp onِ mixers, according toِ Thrillist. A customer willِ complain ifِ heِ or sheِ getsِ a weak drink, butِ who wouldِ return a strong rum andِ coke. Bartenders add moreِ ice andِ less mixer toِ drinks toِ save money.

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12. Your drink is sporting a miniature garnish

Heck yeah, a bar canِ save money whenِ itِ cuts downِ on garnishes, according toِ Mashed. Fruit andِ olives andِ fresh herbs, ohِ myِ — that’s allِ expensive. If youِ getِ a drink withِ a teeny tiny garnish you’re likelyِ inِ a bar that’s cutting corners.

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13. The bartender shakes your drink to death

When youِ shake a drink toِ within anِ inch ofِ itsِ life itsِ volume increases, according toِ Serious Eats. As youِ shake a cocktail, theِ ice inِ the shaker melts, whichِ means itِ makes moreِ liquid. If youِ don’t wantِ moreِ of yourِ drink toِ consist ofِ ice, considerِ ordering a shot.

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14. You get a short pour

Perhaps theِ easiest wayِ toِ increase overallِ bar profitability isِ forِ a bar owner toِ tellِ bartenders toِ short pour customers. It’s easy toِ short pour overِ crushed ice becauseِ it takes upِ soِ muchِ room inِ the glass andِ needs onlyِ a littleِ bit ofِ liquid toِ fill itِ up. You’re notِ gettingِ more alcohol inِ your booze, you’re gettingِ a littleِ show.

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15. The bartender looks like he’s giving you extra

When a bartender holds theِ bottle overِ your glass forِ a long time, heِ is obviouslyِ giving youِ somethingِ extra, right? Not necessarily, according toِ ABC News. One thingِ someِ bartenders doِ when theyِ pour isِ hold theirِ finger overِ the bottle spout, significantly reducing theِ amount thatِ comesِ out. Bartenders whoِ doِ this willِ typically add theِ mixer toِ theِ glass quickly — soِ you don’t seeِ howِ much alcohol isِ inِ glass — andِ serve itِ up.