7 Crazy Mistakes You’re Making Every Day on Your Smartphone

Smartphone Crazy Mistakes

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7 Crazy Mistakes You’re Making Every Day on Your Smartphone

The iPhone started outِ asِ a relativelyِ simple device with a limited number ofِ apps andِ capabilities.
It’s inevitable thatِ iPhone owners willِ doِ the wrong thingsِ with theirِ devices fromِ time toِ time.
Whether it’s becauseِ we’ve takenِ someِ ill-informed advice toِ heart orِ simply becauseِ we don’t knowِ anyِ better, weِ makeِ a lot ofِ mistakes withِ ourِ iPhones.

1. Failing to back it up

You neverِ knowِ when disaster willِ strike andِ you won’t haveِ access toِ your phone.
If youِ backِ up yourِ phone regularly, you will.
The onlyِ potential problem isِ that youِ mayِ need moreِ storage; Apple onlyِ givesِ 5GB ofِ storage forِ free.

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2. Turning on too many notifications

Each time youِ install a newِ app, itِ asks permission toِ access whateverِ protected parts ofِ your phone theِ developers deem necessary.
Often, oneِ ofِ the messages thatِ pops upِ isِ aboutِ turning onِ notifications forِ the app.
They’re usefulِ forِ things likeِ messaging apps, soِ you knowِ when people areِ trying toِ getِ in touch withِ you, orِ banking apps, soِ they canِ let youِ knowِ aboutِ something urgent likeِ anِ overdraft.

3. Not using a case

In a perfect world, everyِ iPhone owner wouldِ keepِ their devices inِ pristine condition withoutِ stuffing itِ intoِ a bulky case.
Unfortunately, that’s notِ the world weِ live in.
Unless youِ enjoy dealing withِ broken electronics, there’s noِ excuse forِ using yourِ iPhone withoutِ a case.

4. Using an unofficial charger

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Whether youِ lose yourِ phone charger orِ you wantِ a secondِ oneِ forِ the sake ofِ convenience, youِ mayِ find yourselfِ inِ the market forِ a newِ phone charger.
Apple, onِ the otherِ hand, charges muchِ moreِ forِ its official charger.
Some cheap chargers don’t work atِ all.

5. Not using a passcode or Touch ID

It’s annoying toِ tap outِ a string ofِ numbers everyِ time youِ wantِ toِ unlock yourِ phone.
But ifِ you lose yourِ phone andِ it’s unprotected, allِ kinds ofِ sensitive information isِ readily availableِ to whoeverِ finds it.
This might makeِ itِ a minor nuisance toِ unlock yourِ phone, butِ it’s muchِ betterِ than handing allِ your information overِ to anyِ stranger whoِ mightِ pick itِ up.

6. Using Apple’s apps for everything

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Apple makesِ great hardware, butِ the apps thatِ comeِ preinstalled onِ the iPhone aren’t alwaysِ best-in-class.
For instance, Apple Maps isn’t allِ that reliable, whileِ Google Maps hasِ alwaysِ been theِ golden standard forِ directing youِ fromِ point A toِ point B.
If youِ useِ a web browser otherِ than Safari onِ your computer, usingِ theِ sameِ oneِ onِ iOS generally allows youِ toِ sync yourِ bookmarked sites andِ even access whateverِ pages youِ haveِ open onِ your otherِ devices.

7. Closing apps to save battery life

You mayِ haveِ heard thatِ you canِ save battery life byِ double-tapping theِ home button andِ manually closing outِ ofِ allِ of yourِ apps.
This oldِ smartphone battery myth isِ asِ false asِ George Washington’s teeth.
Closing yourِ apps actuallyِ makes yourِ battery work harder eachِ time youِ open anِ app, becauseِ it hasِ to boot itِ fromِ scratch ratherِ than pulling itِ out ofِ suspended animation.

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