Slim Your Hips With These Easy Tips

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Star jumps will get your blood pumping. |

Slim Your Hips With These Easy Tips

Though mostِ people focus theirِ efforts onِ gettingِ a flatter stomach, hips areِ a close secondِ forِ problem areas.
For some, itِ seems likeِ everythingِ they eat travels straight toِ theirِ thighs.
But there’s noِ needِ to worry ifِ this isِ you.

1. Star jump

Start byِ standing withِ your feet togetherِ andِ arms atِ your  sides, thenِ lowerِ your body intoِ a squat position.
Next, jump asِ you extend yourِ arms andِ legs toِ theِ sides toِ form yourِ body intoِ anِ “X” shape, thenِ bring themِ backِ in asِ you land toِ return toِ theِ starting position.
Remember, thisِ exercise should beِ explosive, soِ repeat asِ fast asِ you canِ to getِ your heart racing.

The side-step curtsy is a huge help. |

2. Side-stepping curtsy

This take onِ the classic lunge willِ work yourِ hips, thighs, glutes, andِ even yourِ core.
Shape saysِ to beginِ standing withِ your feet spaced a littleِ fartherِ than hip-width apart, hands behindِ your head.
Then, cross yourِ rightِ leg diagonally behindِ your left asِ you lowerِ yourself intoِ a lunge whileِ you extend yourِ rightِ arm toِ touch yourِ fingers toِ theِ floor.

3. Standing kick

This move isِ great forِ targeting yourِ outer hips, quads, glutes, andِ inner thighs allِ at theِ sameِ time.
Fitness says toِ start standing withِ your feet spaced hip-width apartِ andِ both hands onِ your hips.
Next, lift yourِ rightِ leg outِ to theِ side overِ the courseِ of threeِ counts untilِ itِ reaches hip height, hold forِ one count, thenِ takeِ three counts toِ bring itِ backِ to theِ ground.

4. Squat, lunge, curl

The side kick will feel like its working your hips. |

This sequence ofِ moves willِ give yourِ hips, thighs, andِ glutes theِ workout theyِ need.
From there, perform a squat, thenِ immediately step yourِ left foot forwardِ into a lunge, making sureِ bothِ knees areِ bent atِ a 90-degree angle.
As youِ step yourِ rightِ leg forwardِ to meet yourِ left, pull yourِ rightِ heel asِ close toِ your butt asِ you canِ for a moment beforeِ returning toِ theِ starting position.

You’ll have slimmer hips after this full-body move. |

5. Walking lunge with twist

You alreadyِ know theِ lunge isِ a great leg exercise, but Verywell says you canِ make itِ evenِ more effective byِ adding a twist atِ the end.
This simple change ensures you’ll work yourِ glutes, quads, abs, hamstrings, andِ hip flexors.
Step yourِ left leg forwardِ into a lunge withِ your knees bent atِ 90-degree angles, thenِ twist the upper halfِ of yourِ body toِ theِ left, keeping yourِ hips centered, asِ you bring yourِ arms asِ far toِ theِ left asِ possible.

A side twist will work your hips and abs. |