Sleepless in West Virginia? Study Reveals Sleepiest States


Sleepless in West Virginia? Study Reveals Sleepiest States

If you’reِ lookingِ to catch someِ zzzz’s, location mayِ beِ key, finds a newِ study ranking states according toِ residents’ sleep problems andِ daytime fatigue.
If youِ live inِ one ofِ those regions, youِ mayِ want toِ talk toِ your doctor aboutِ sleep andِ think aboutِ what mightِ beِ making itِ more difficult toِ getِ a good night’s sleep.
Grandner andِ his colleagues analyzed data fromِ 157,319 participants whoِ hadِ answered twoِ questions aboutِ how manyِ days overِ the prior twoِ weeks (from zeroِ toِ 14) theyِ hadِ trouble falling asleep, staying asleep orِ sleeping tooِ much.

10 sleepiest states: (percent of individuals with daytime fatigue for six or more days)

(See full list of states and sleep numbers)

Census Bureau, theِ researchers foundِ the West hadِ the fewest complaints ofِ sleep disturbance andِ the South theِ most.
The researchers alsoِ ran statistics toِ find outِ howِ important differentِ variables wereِ inِ explaining theِ sleep differences betweenِ states.
These variables included residents’ age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, income, employment, body mass index (BMI), alcohol intake, smoking, mental health, physical health, general health, health-care access andِ depression.