Sleep Fails to Enhance Memory in Older Adults


Sleep Fails to Enhance Memory in Older Adults

ORLANDO — Sleep mayِ beِ more important forِ memory storage inِ young people thanِ itِ isِ inِ older adults, a newِ study suggests.
In theِ study, young people performed betterِ on a memory test followingِ a night’s sleep, indicating thatِ sleep wasِ helpful inِ storing theirِ memories.
While earlier studies haveِ suggested sleep doesِ indeed benefit memory consolidation, nearlyِ allِ of theseِ studies haveِ beenِ conducted inِ college-age people, saidِ study researcher Michael Scullin, a researcher atِ Emory University School ofِ Medicine inِ Atlanta.

Sleep and memory

For hisِ study, Scullin asked 57 young adults (ages 18 toِ 22) andِ 41 older adults (ages 60 toِ 84) toِ complete a memory task.
Participants learned theِ words inِ the morning orِ the evening, andِ returned 12 hours laterِ forِ a memory test.
Those whoِ learned theِ words inِ the evening gotِ to goِ home andِ sleep beforeِ their test.

Improving memory?

Despite theِ findings, theِ solution toِ improving memory inِ older adults mightِ not beِ asِ simple asِ finding a wayِ toِ increase theirِ slow-wave sleep, Scullin said.
It couldِ beِ due toِ changesِ in theِ brain, orِ the wayِ brain areas communicate withِ eachِ other, Scullin said.
2) atِ the American Psychology Association meeting.