Sinus Infections Might Be Treated with ‘Good’ Bacteria


Credit: Michael Krause | Dreamstime

Sinus Infections Might Be Treated with ‘Good’ Bacteria

Some chronic sinus problems mayِ beِ caused byِ a depletion ofِ good bacteria andِ the presence ofِ bad bacteria inِ the sinuses, a newِ study says.
The findings suggest adding backِ some ofِ these good bacteria toِ theِ sinuses mayِ helpِ treat theِ condition, analogous toِ theِ way probiotics mayِ treat certainِ intestinal problems.
In theِ study, theِ researchers analyzed theِ populations ofِ bacteria present inِ the sinuses ofِ 10 people withِ chronic sinus problems, knownِ asِ chronic rhinosinusitis, andِ 10 healthy people.

The study is published today (Sept. 12) in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

tuberculostearicum onِ itsِ own hasِ not beenِ considered toِ beِ a harmful organism, theِ newِ findings suggest itِ hasِ a role inِ the development ofِ sinus problems.C.
tuberculostearicum mayِ becomeِ problematic onlyِ when theِ normal bacterial population ofِ the sinuses undergoes a change, theِ researchers said.
Patients commonly receive antibiotics forِ sinus infections, butِ the findings suggest a moreِ appropriate therapy wouldِ beِ providing themِ with good bacteria, theِ researchers said.