Silent, Tick-Borne Disease on the Rise


Credit: CDC, courtesy of Dr. Marc Dolan

Silent, Tick-Borne Disease on the Rise

Over theِ lastِ decade, babesiosis diagnoses increased twentyfold inِ the Lower Hudson Valley region, growing fromِ six cases inِ 2001 toِ 119 inِ 2008.
In otherِ parts ofِ the state, diagnoses increased justِ 1.6- fold overِ the sameِ period, theِ researchers said.
Gary Wormser, chief ofِ the division ofِ infectious diseases atِ New York Medical College.

Babesiosis infection

= Symptoms canِ include fever, nausea andِ headache, theِ CDC says.
The disease canِ alsoِ cause anemia throughِ loss ofِ red blood cells.
One person died fromِ the condition, Wormser said.


The bestِ way toِ prevent babesiosis infection isِ to avoid tick-infested habitats, suchِ asِ wooded orِ grassy areas, theِ CDC says.
Reduce skin exposure byِ wearing long sleeves, pants andِ socks, andِ tucking theِ pants intoِ the socks.
After yourِ outdoor adventure, takeِ a shower andِ check yourِ body forِ ticks.