These Signs You’re Trying Too Hard to Be Stylish


This is probably too much pink for one look. |

These Signs You’re Trying Too Hard to Be Stylish

It’s a total feat toِ knowِ your own sense ofِ style, but makeِ sure youِ aren’t goingِ overboard withِ your fashion choices.
You canِ easily turn a preppy, tough, or attention-grabbing outfit intoِ something that makes youِ lookِ likeِ you’re tryingِ way tooِ hard.
To avoid looking extremely in-your-face, stick toِ what youِ love, butِ find a wayِ toِ tone itِ down.

1. Color coordinated shorts, shirt, and shoes

Everyone hasِ a favorite color, butِ this shade doesn’t needِ to takeِ overِ your entire outfit.
If youِ wantِ toِ avoid lookingِ likeِ a walking crayon, it’s bestِ to notِ wear oneِ color fromِ head toِ toe.
This isِ especiallyِ true ifِ said color isِ bright neon.

You don’t need to show off all of your best assets at once. |

2. The overly revealing look

One ofِ the easiest ways toِ turn potential love interests offِ isِ too lookِ overly ‘eager,’ soِ to say.
Dressing inِ fishnet stockings, low-plunging tops, andِ extremely tight dresses isn’t goingِ to flatter yourِ body.
And sadly, theseِ styles willِ beِ turning heads forِ the wrong reasons.

3. Any look involving a wide-brimmed hat

Wide-brimmed hats onceِ exuded glamour andِ convinced othersِ that youِ lived a life ofِ leisure andِ luxury.
Today, onِ the otherِ hand, wide-brimmed hats areِ a littleِ fussy toِ wear onِ anِ everyday basis.
If you’re sun bathing orِ gardening, byِ allِ means carry onِ wearing yourِ wide-brimmed hat to shade yourِ face.

4. Outfits with too many accessories

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It’s vital to remember thatِ quality isِ more important than quantity whenِ itِ comesِ to accessories.
It’s notِ aboutِ how manyِ plastic beads andِ bangles youِ canِ stack onِ your arm, but the story behindِ how youِ gotِ them andِ what theirِ value is, whether monetarily orِ sentimentally.
The nextِ time youِ put onِ your accessories, stick toِ theِ few you can’t live withoutِ andِ cherish asِ prized possessions.

5. Wearing loud animal print

Seeking attention throughِ your sense ofِ style isn’t uncommon, butِ there areِ ways toِ doِ this subtly, ratherِ than screaming “hey, lookِ atِ me!” Animal print isِ one ofِ those styles thatِ will makeِ those aroundِ you cringe.
It canِ beِ garish andِ even offensive toِ certainِ people.
If youِ wantِ toِ getِ people toِ notice you, find unique ways toِ style yourِ basics insteadِ of flaunting head-to-toe cheetah andِ zebra print.

6. Showing off how bohemian you are

Less is more when it comes to accessories. |

It’s great ifِ you love beingِ one withِ nature, prefer organic medicines, andِ follow yourِ bliss.
However, youِ don’t needِ to scream boho withِ everyِ garment.
If yourِ personal style isِ on theِ beachy side, youِ canِ wear flowing dresses andِ grow outِ your hair withoutِ lookingِ likeِ you’ve dressed upِ forِ Halloween.

7. Being head-to-toe preppy

If you’re fromِ New England orِ you’re a Southern Bell, there’s noِ doubt youِ love brands likeِ Lilly Pulitzer, L.L.
You canِ look justِ asِ preppy withِ oneِ colorful dress, ratherِ than wearing head-to-toe pastels.
And thinkِ aboutِ whether you’re slightly overdoing thingsِ theِ nextِ time youِ put onِ pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, andِ pearl bracelets.

8. Flaunting garish designer labels

Choose your animal print wisely. |

You’ve probablyِ heard theِ expression thatِ real money doesn’t needِ to flaunt it.
This isِ a valuable lesson toِ keepِ inِ mind when you’re gettingِ dressed, becauseِ you reallyِ don’t needِ to prove yourِ wealth toِ anyoneِ by wearing brash labels.
We understand that youِ love Louis Vuitton, Gucci, andِ Prada, butِ you canِ work theseِ brands withoutِ splattering theirِ logos all overِ your body.

9. Forcing a tough image

You don’t needِ to wear grungy clothes toِ tellِ the world you’re a tough cookie.
While youِ wantِ toِ stay true toِ your personal style, it’s alsoِ wise to let your personality doِ the talking toِ letِ people knowِ you haveِ a zero-BS policy.
If youِ rely tooِ muchِ on a hard image thatِ you’re forcing, youِ run theِ risk ofِ keeping people atِ bay andِ missing outِ onِ forming newِ friendships.

10. Trying to match outdated prints

Busy prints areِ alwaysِ a challenge toِ pull off, especiallyِ if they’re outdated.
Shopping vintage isِ one thing, butِ wearing anِ outfit full ofِ paisley makesِ you lookِ likeِ you haven’t moved onِ fromِ the ’60s, andِ are tryingِ way tooِ hard toِ bring itِ backِ into fashion.
Take ourِ advice andِ accept someِ prints deserve toِ beِ left behind! , 7 ] .