Sexual Problems Also Plague Young Men


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Sexual Problems Also Plague Young Men

Sexual problems don’tِ only affect older men.
One-third ofِ men betweenِ ages 18 andِ 25 suffer fromِ atِ least oneِ sexual dysfunction, according toِ a recentِ study fromِ Switzerland.
Even thoughِ theyِ are] oftenِ mild, sexual dysfunctions areِ relatively frequent among young men, andِ should beِ part ofِ anyِ medical screening, saidِ study researcher Dr.

The study was published in the June issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health.

A young man’s problem

Erectile dysfunction, orِ ED, affects asِ many asِ 30 million men inِ the United States, according toِ theِ National Institutes ofِ Health.
Although it’sِ not clear howِ many men experience premature ejaculation, aboutِ one outِ ofِ fiveِ men inِ the U.S.
In theِ newِ study, researchers surveyed 2,507 sexually active young men, andِ found 283 men suffered fromِ premature ejaculation, andِ nearly 750 men hadِ ED.

Mental health and sexual problems

The finding thatِ mental health andِ lifestyle choices areِ linked withِ sexual problems isِ inِ line withِ earlier research, saidِ Christopher Edwards, a clinical psychologist atِ Duke University School ofِ Medicine whoِ wasِ involved inِ the study.
Your mental andِ physical health influence sexual function, heِ said.
We needِ studies thatِ actuallyِ show usِ theِ causeِ of ED.