Scoring a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday


Credit: Game day snacks photo via Shutterstock

Scoring a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t only about football, it’s about food.
Lots of food.

People inِ the United States willِ eat nearlyِ 1 billion chicken wings onِ game day, according toِ theِ industry group National Chicken Council.
We’ll alsoِ eat 11 million lbs.
ofِ nuts, saysِ the Snack Food Association, anotherِ industry group.

And for any of those occasions, there are ways to avoid overeating.

Too many calories in so little time

One option forِ a healthier Super Bowl Sunday isِ to exercise enoughِ to burn offِ the extra calories.
The average person isِ estimated toِ consume aboutِ 1,200 toِ 3,000 calories inِ snacks onِ game day, andِ that’s notِ counting theِ meals, according toِ experts.
(It takes aboutِ 3,500 extra calories — aboveِ those youِ needِ — toِ pack onِ one pound ofِ body weight, according toِ theِ U.S.

Come up with a game plan

Another option forِ people whoِ plan toِ indulge onِ game day, McCrory said, isِ to plan ahead.
Here areِ her tips: .

But not everyone will be overeating this Sunday, McCrory noted.

Some people areِ prone toِ overeat, whileِ othersِ aren’t, sheِ said.
We don’tِ know why, butِ some research suggests itِ couldِ beِ related toِ genetics orِ howِ people picked upِ eating habits whileِ growing up..