Scientists Deliver Opioid-Like Pain Relief Without Addiction Risk


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Scientists Deliver Opioid-Like Pain Relief Without Addiction Risk

Scientists haveِ created a drug that, inِ rhesus monkeys, canِ provide theِ sameِ pain relief asِ opioid drugs, withoutِ theِ risk ofِ addiction orِ other side effects.
Because a monkey’s brain isِ so similar toِ theِ human brain, theِ drug isِ highly expected toِ work inِ humans, saidِ Mei-Chuan Ko, a professor ofِ physiology andِ pharmacology atِ Wake Forest University School ofِ Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C., whoِ led theِ study.
The research team saidِ the newِ drug mayِ one day provide relief forِ people withِ chronic pain whileِ alsoِ quelling theِ rising abuse ofِ opioids, whichِ nowِ account forِ the majority ofِ drug-overdose deaths inِ the United States, according toِ theِ Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention.

The research team has high hopes that the BU08028 compound would be effective in humans.

Non-human primates suchِ asِ rhesus monkeys haveِ similar physiological responses toِ opioid analgesics likeِ humans, Ko told Live Science.
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