Scarcity of Women Makes Men Big Spenders


Scarcity of Women Makes Men Big Spenders

Men prompted toِ believeِ that women areِ scarce areِ more willingِ toِ open theirِ wallets, according toِ newِ research onِ competition inِ the dating world.
They compete moreِ forِ access toِ mates, saidِ study researcher Vladas Griskevicius, a professor ofِ marketing atِ the University ofِ Minnesota.
What youِ find across cultures isِ that men oftenِ doِ it throughِ money, throughِ status andِ through products.

Impulsive actions

Next, theyِ were asked toِ report howِ much money theyِ would save eachِ month fromِ a givenِ paycheck, asِ well asِ how muchِ credit card debt theyِ would takeِ on.
When led toِ believeِ women wereِ scare, men decreased theirِ savings rate byِ 42 percent andِ indicated theyِ were willingِ toِ borrow 84 percent moreِ eachِ month.
We seeِ that thereِ areِ more men thanِ women inِ our environment, andِ it automatically changesِ our desires, ourِ behaviors andِ our entire psychology, Griskevicius said.

The cost of love

Women weren’tِ affected likeِ men, butِ when theyِ read thatِ their area wasِ populated withِ moreِ men thanِ women, theyِ expected men toِ spend moreِ on courting-related expenses suchِ asِ dinner dates andِ engagement rings.
Men agreed, apparently: When madeِ to thinkِ men outnumbered theِ ladies, theyِ alsoِ reported thatِ they wouldِ spend higher amounts onِ romantic conquests.
For example, inِ Columbus, Ga., whereِ thereِ areِ 1.18 single men forِ everyِ single woman, theِ average consumer debt wasِ $3,479 higher thanِ inِ Macon, Ga., lessِ than 100 miles awayِ but withِ 0.78 single men forِ everyِ woman.