Saturated Fat’s Dirty Secrets Revealed


Saturated Fat’s Dirty Secrets Revealed

Doctors nearlyِ unanimously agree thatِ eating foods loaded withِ saturated fats — suchِ asِ butter, cream andِ pork inِ allِ its wondrous manifestations — canِ cause heart disease, obesity andِ diabetes.
30 issue ofِ the journal Cell, researchers fromِ University ofِ California, San Diego (UCSD), foundِ that saturated fat literally clogs cell membranes atِ the molecular level, causing abnormal cell signaling thatِ ultimately throws basic metabolism outِ ofِ whack.
7 Foods Your Heart Will Hate] If theِ researchers areِ right — thatِ is, ifِ their work onِ mice proves true inِ humans — thenِ they envision a newِ class ofِ dietary supplements orِ pharmaceutical drugs toِ reverse theِ effects ofِ a high-fat diet.

Knowledge congealed

Saturated fats tend toِ beِ solid atِ room temperature.
They containِ fatty acids thatِ areِ saturated, chemically speaking, withِ hydrogen atoms; theِ carbon atoms areِ bonded toِ asِ many hydrogen atoms asِ possible.
Unsaturated fats containِ fatty acids withِ a lowerِ ratio ofِ carbon toِ hydrogen.

One pill makes you smaller

For scientists, theِ findings provide a newِ model forِ how cell membrane composition canِ trigger differentِ signaling cascades.
Consider howِ polyunsaturated fatty acids suchِ asِ EPA (also called eicosapentaenoic acid) andِ omega-3s areِ available inِ a pill form, moreِ or lessِ inِ their natural state.
This means eating lessِ meat andِ more vegetables andِ whole grains.