Safety First: 14 Common Condom Use Errors


Safety First: 14 Common Condom Use Errors

A recentِ article inِ the journal Sexual Health reviewed 50 studies aboutِ condom useِ errors fromِ aroundِ the world.
Here areِ the common mistakes theyِ foundِ andِ the prevalence ofِ those errors.

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Late application: Between 17 percent andِ 51.1 percent ofِ people reported putting a condom onِ afterِ intercourse hasِ alreadyِ begun.
Early removal: Between 13.6 percent andِ 44.7 percent ofِ individuals inِ the studies hadِ taken a condom offِ beforeِ intercourse wasِ over.

Slippage: Between 13.1 percent and 19.3 percent of participants reported condom slippage.

Leakage: Condoms leaked inِ betweenِ 0.4 percent andِ 6.5 percent ofِ sexual encounters studied, withِ 7.6 percent ofِ men andِ 12.5 percent ofِ women reporting anِ experience withِ a leaky condom..