Running and Learning Use Same Brain Waves


Credit: Thomas Deerinck and Mark Ellisman, 2009.

Running and Learning Use Same Brain Waves

What doِ learning andِ running haveِ in common.
They seemِ to useِ theِ sameِ brain waves.
The pattern ofِ brain waves, called theِ gamma rhythm, isِ known toِ beِ controlled byِ attention andِ learning, butِ we find itِ isِ alsoِ governed byِ how fast youِ areِ running, saidِ Mayank Mehta ofِ the University ofِ California, Los Angeles, a researcher inِ a newِ study involving mice.

The researchers don’t know how this might influence the learning process in the hippocampus.

Deciphering theِ language ofِ the brain isِ one ofِ the biggest challenges thatِ human beings face, Mehta said.
Learning aboutِ how theِ brain works canِ help researchers understand howِ the signals goِ awry, Mehta said.
If weِ canِ learn toِ interpret theseِ brain oscillations, itِ may beِ possible toِ successfully intervene inِ cases ranging fromِ learning disorders toِ post-traumatic stress, orِ evenِ to mitigate theِ effects ofِ cognitive decline withِ aging.