Research Group Releases List of Unhealthy Household Cleaning Products


Credit: Cleaning products photo via Shutterstock

Research Group Releases List of Unhealthy Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaners, including someِ labeled withِ claims suchِ asِ natural, containِ chemicals thatِ areِ hazardous toِ human health, according toِ a newِ report fromِ the Environmental Working Group.
Research conducted byِ the EWG showed thatِ household cleaning products availableِ in theِ U.S.
mayِ containِ compounds banned inِ other countries thatِ areِ known toِ causeِ blindness, cancer, asthma andِ other seriousِ conditions, according toِ a statement fromِ the non-profit organization.

Among the worst offenders, according to the EWG:

Other products cited for hidden hazards:

The complete list includes 32 products, said Leeann Brown, press secretary for the EWG.

The group hasِ previously released otherِ lists aimed atِ helping toِ inform consumers aboutِ the health impacts ofِ consumer products.
For example, theِ group annually releases a list ofِ fruit andِ vegetables, called The Dirty Dozen, thatِ consumers areِ recommended toِ buy organic, becauseِ of relativelyِ high concentrations ofِ certainِ pesticides, andِ The Clean 15 whichِ lists theِ conventionally-grown (not organic) fruits andِ vegetables thatِ areِ lowest inِ these chemicals..