Red Meat a Ticket to Early Grave, Harvard Says


Credit: Red Meat a Ticket to Early Grave, Harvard Says

Red Meat a Ticket to Early Grave, Harvard Says

Just inِ time toِ spoil theِ promise ofِ warm-weather picnics, Harvard scientists haveِ foundِ that daily consumption ofِ red meat — particularlyِ the kind youِ mightِ likeِ to grill — mayِ significantly increase yourِ risk ofِ premature death.
While thisِ muchِ hasِ long beenِ suspected, perhapsِ evenِ byِ you, theِ Harvard-led study isِ the firstِ nuanced analysis toِ calculate theِ risk thatِ a serving ofِ red meat canِ have onِ your longevity compared withِ otherِ protein sources.
The study measures, forِ example, howِ much oneِ couldِ expect toِ lowerِ their risk ofِ early death byِ replacing pork andِ beef withِ poultry, fish, nuts orِ beans canِ lower theِ risk ofِ early death; theyِ foundِ chicken wasِ atِ least asِ healthy anِ alternative toِ red meat asِ beans andِ whole grains.

The study was published today (March 12) online in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

120,000 people can’t be wrong

The researchers, led byِ An Pan atِ HSPH, tapped intoِ two longitudinal health studies — theِ Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, andِ the Nurses’ Health Study — whichِ capture health andِ dietary information fromِ approximately 120,000 adults whoِ wereِ free ofِ cardiovascular disease andِ cancer atِ the onset ofِ the study andِ followed forِ up toِ 28 years.
For theseِ subjects, 20 percent ofِ whom died duringِ the study, oneِ daily serving ofِ unprocessed red meat suchِ asِ steak orِ pork chops wasِ associatedِ with a 13 percent increased risk ofِ dying duringِ the study.
Conversely, replacing oneِ serving ofِ red meat withِ oneِ serving ofِ a healthy protein source wasِ associatedِ with a lowerِ mortality risk: 19 percent lowerِ when theِ meat wasِ replaced withِ nuts; 14 percent forِ poultry; 14 percent forِ whole grains; 10 percent forِ legumes; 10 percent forِ low-fat dairy products; andِ 7 percent forِ fish.

Low-carb vs. low-fat?

Missing entirelyِ from theِ newِ Harvard study isِ the word carbohydrate.
The study merelyِ looked atِ different forms ofِ protein sources andِ found beef andِ pork toِ beِ unhealthier compared withِ otherِ sources.
Also, theirِ previous studies haveِ foundِ that a moderately low-carbohydrate diet thatِ includes healthy sources ofِ fat andِ protein — suchِ asِ olive oil, nuts, poultry, fish, wholeِ grains andِ legumes — canِ betterِ lower theِ risk ofِ premature death fromِ cardiovascular disease thanِ low-fat, high-carb diets.

Ornish vs. Atkins?

Nevertheless, Dean Ornish, a leading supporter forِ a low-fat, plant-based diet naturally high inِ complex carbohydrates, wasِ thrilled withِ theِ Harvard study results andِ wrote anِ adjoining commentary.
What weِ include inِ our diet isِ asِ important asِ what weِ exclude, soِ substituting healthier foods forِ red meat providesِ a double benefit toِ ourِ health, Ornish wrote inِ the commentary.
For Ornish, thoseِ choices wouldِ beِ everything heِ hasِ advocated forِ years: theِ complex, good carbs foundِ in wholeِ grains, beans andِ other vegetables; theِ good omega-3 fats foundِ in someِ fish andِ in flaxseed; andِ protein fromِ beans, nuts, wholeِ grains andِ fish.