Take a Look at The Queen of England Sprawling Real Estate

Queen Real Estate

Queen Elizabeth can smile thinking of all the property she owns. | Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Take a Look at The Queen of England Sprawling Real Estate

Being theِ Queen ofِ England hasِ its perks.
Queen Elizabeth II getsِ to travel aroundِ the world inِ style, staying inِ historic castles andِ mansions.
The Queen owns onlyِ two properties personally.

About the Crown Estate

According toِ theِ Crown Estate, “the sovereign isِ the legal owner butِ does notِ haveِ anyِ powers ofِ management orِ control.” The Crown Estate owns billions ofِ dollars worth ofِ real estate inِ England andِ Scotland, according toِ CNBC.
The Queen isِ the legal owner ofِ the land butِ she doesn’t manage theِ properties.
The Crown Estate saysِ money madeِ fromِ the estate goesِ to theِ Treasury.

The Queen gets free rein over Buckingham Palace. | Leon Neal/Getty Images

The biggest perk of the Crown Estate

Although theِ Queen ofِ England doesn’t personally ownِ anyِ land inِ the Crown Estate’s portfolio, she’s allowed toِ occupy theِ space.
For instance, Buckingham Palace isn’t theِ Queen’s personal property althoughِ she’s entitled toِ live thereِ duringِ her reign.
Buckingham Palace isِ tough toِ put a price onِ according toِ experts.

Sandringham House

The Queen personally owns Sandringham House inِ Norfolk.
Sandringham hasِ beenِ a private residence forِ “four generations ofِ British monarchs sinceِ 1862,” theِ estate’s website says.The property itselfِ covers nearlyِ 20,000 acres, according toِ Sandringham’s website.
A fraction ofِ the land — 593 acres — isِ open toِ theِ public year round.

Live like the Queen at Sandringham

The Queen owns the 20,000 acres of property. | Adrian Dennis/AFP/GettyImages

Two cottages onِ the Sandringham property areِ available toِ rent.
The firstِ is theِ Garden House.
The house isِ fully furnished andِ can sleep eightِ people.

Balmoral Castle

The Scottish Highlands areِ one theِ Queen’s favorite places toِ visit.
The wayِ theِ Queen cameِ to inherit Balmoral isِ unusual becauseِ her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated theِ throne inِ 1936.
Him stepping downِ meant hisِ brother andِ Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, didn’t directlyِ inherit theِ property.

Live like a royal in Scotland

The Garden House is positively charming. | Sandringham Estate

Five cottages atِ Balmoral Castle areِ available toِ rent.
People mayِ occupy theِ cottages April – November, exceptِ duringِ royal visits, Balmoral’s website says.
Each cottage looksِ likeِ the average cottage listed onِ Airbnb.

The value of Queen Elizabeth’s real estate holdings

By inheriting bothِ Balmoral Castle andِ Sandringham House, theِ Queen amassed a fortune.
Forbes saysِ Sandringham House isِ worth $65 million whileِ Balmoral Castle hasِ anِ estimated valueِ ofِ $140 million.
“Both ofِ the Queen’s estates shelter highland cattle, herds ofِ deer, rare bird species andِ forests thatِ enrich theِ habitat,” Lenka Duskova, ofِ the Luxent real estate agency inِ the Czech Republic, told Forbes.

We understand why the Queen likes to visit Balmoral. | Andrew Milligan/AFP/Getty Images