Psychedelic Drug Could Help Alcoholics Stay Sober


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Psychedelic Drug Could Help Alcoholics Stay Sober

The mind-altering drug LSD could be used to treat alcoholism, a new report says.

LSD prevented alcoholics fromِ relapsing duringِ treatment, according toِ researchers inِ Norway whoِ analyzed sixِ previous studies ofِ alcoholism treatment.
The studies involved 536 heavy drinkers inِ all, two-thirds ofِ whom wereِ givenِ LSD whileِ othersِ received comparison treatments.
Fifty-nine percent ofِ the LSD users avoided relapsing intoِ alcohol abuse, compared withِ 38 percent ofِ the others, theِ newِ study noted.

The study appeared Thursday (Mar. 8) in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

One scientist whoِ wasِ notِ involved inِ the research, Dr.
Richard Ries, saidِ the study shakes theِ foundations ofِ typical addiction treatments.
But Ries, anِ addiction psychiatrist atِ the University ofِ Washington Department ofِ Psychiatry, cautioned thatِ littleِ isِ known aboutِ LSD’s effects.

Using one drug to fight another

Study researcher Pål-Ørjan Johansen, a clinical psychologist atِ the university inِ Trondheim, Norway, said: Alcoholism isِ serious andِ often deadly.
We needِ new treatment options.
In large doses, theِ drug canِ cause someِ people toِ panic orِ becomeِ anxious, increasing theirِ body temperature, heart rate andِ blood pressure, according toِ theِ National Institute ofِ Drug Abuse.

Alcohol drinkers less likely to relapse when taking LSD

The studies inِ the newِ analysis involved people, mostlyِ men, whoِ wereِ admitted forِ treatment forِ alcohol abuse.
A total ofِ 325 people received a single dose ofِ LSD ranging fromِ 210 toِ 800 micrograms, whileِ theِ comparison group, 211 people, received eitherِ a muchِ lowerِ dose ofِ LSD .
People whoِ received theِ larger dose ofِ LSD wereِ lessِ likely toِ relapse andِ had higher levels ofِ abstinence thanِ the others, theِ researchers said.