Psoriasis May Increase Stroke Risk


Psoriasis May Increase Stroke Risk

The skin condition psoriasis mayِ increase theِ risk ofِ stroke andِ atrial fibrillation, a condition inِ which theِ heart beats irregularly, a newِ Danish study says.
In someِ cases, patients withِ psoriasis hadِ nearly 3 times theِ risk ofِ experiencing theseِ conditions compared withِ people withoutِ psoriasis.
The findings add toِ a growing body ofِ research linking psoriasis withِ heart andِ blood vessel problems, including anِ increased risk ofِ heart attack andِ death fromِ cardiovascular disease.

Patients with psoriasis should be monitored for indicators of cardiovascular disease, including heart arrhythmias, Ahleoffsaid.

And theseِ patients mayِ beِ candidates forِ interventions thatِ will reduce cardiovascular disease risk, including lifestyle modifications, suchِ asِ quitting smoking andِ getting moreِ exercise, andِ in someِ cases, medications, Ahlehoff said.

Future studies should investigate whether treating psoriasis reduces patients’ cardiovascular disease risk, he said.

Psoriasis and the heart

Psoriasis isِ common andِ causes skin redness andِ irritation, according toِ theِ National Institutes ofِ Health.
In thoseِ with theِ condition, skin cells rise toِ theِ skin’s surface tooِ quickly, whichِ doesn’tِ leave enoughِ time forِ the oldِ skin cells toِ fall off, leading toِ build upِ ofِ dead skin cells.
Ahlehoff andِ colleagues counted theِ cases ofِ atrial fibrillation andِ ischemic stroke inِ the entire adult andِ adolescent population ofِ Denmark — aboutِ 4.5 million people — fromِ 1997 toِ 2006, usingِ a national database.

Behind the link

Psoriasis patients areِ thought toِ beِ atِ increased risk forِ cardiovascular disease forِ two reasons, saidِ Dr.
Robert Kirsner, a professor ofِ dermatology atِ the University ofِ Miami Miller School ofِ Medicine, whoِ wasِ notِ involved withِ theِ newِ study.
The otherِ isِ that anِ increase inِ inflammation inِ the body links theِ conditions, Kirsner said.