Protective Skin Microbes Help Fight Off Disease


Credit: Lily Koo, Juraj Kabat (Biological Imaging Facility, RTB, NIAID)

Protective Skin Microbes Help Fight Off Disease

A massive number ofِ microbes live inِ our guts, onِ our skin andِ elsewhere, allِ over ourِ bodies.
The microbes appearِ to prime immune cells called T-cells, preparing themِ to protect theِ body, Belkaid said.
Gallery: Belly Button Bacteria] For thisِ study, researchers led byِ Shruti Naik, a graduate student inِ Belkaid’s lab, gave skin-infecting parasites toِ mice withِ healthy populations ofِ skin microbes andِ to mice thatِ lacked skin microbes.

The research is detailed in Friday’s (July 27) issue of the journal Science.

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