Prostate Cancer May Be Linked to Birth Control Pill in Water Supply


Prostate Cancer May Be Linked to Birth Control Pill in Water Supply

Countries whereِ theِ highest numbers ofِ women useِ oral contraceptives haveِ the highest rates ofِ death fromِ prostate cancer, a newِ study finds.
Birth control pills containِ the female hormone estrogen, andِ in recentِ years, someِ experts haveِ raised concerns aboutِ the presence ofِ estrogen andِ similar compounds inِ foods andِ the water supply.
The newِ study mayِ raise thoseِ concerns further, thoughِ theِ authors saidِ the findings areِ preliminary.

From pill to prostate

Birth control pills oftenِ containِ a type ofِ estrogen called ethinyloestradiol, whichِ women takingِ the pills excrete inِ their urine.
The hormone ends upِ inِ the water supply, orِ isِ taken upِ byِ plants orِ animals thatِ use theِ water, andِ then passed upِ theِ food chain, according toِ theِ study.
Neil Fleshner, looked atِ prostate cancer mortality andِ contraceptive useِ inِ 88 countries forِ their analysis.

Differences in lifestyles and medical care

The authors areِ not alone inِ saying proving theِ link betweenِ birth control andِ prostate cancer hasِ a long wayِ toِ go.
However, results ofِ ‘ecological’ analyses likeِ this one, thatِ compare countries, ratherِ than individual people, mustِ beِ interpreted cautiously.
Many lifestyle andِ medical care factors vary betweenِ countries, thereforeِ differences inِ cancer rates betweenِ countries canِ beِ difficult toِ ascribe toِ particularِ factors, Jacobs said.