Prolonged Sitting Linked to 173,000 Cancer Cases Yearly


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Prolonged Sitting Linked to 173,000 Cancer Cases Yearly

WASHINGTON — Our culture ofِ sitting mayِ beِ responsible forِ 173,000 cases ofِ cancer eachِ year, according toِ newِ estimates.
Physical inactivity isِ linked toِ asِ many asِ 49,000 cases ofِ breast cancer andِ 43,000 cases ofِ colon cancer a year inِ the United States, saidِ Christine Friedenreich, anِ epidemiologist atِ Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care inِ Canada.
It seemsِ highly likelyِ that theِ longer youِ sit, theِ higher yourِ risk ofِ cancer], saidِ Neville Owen, head ofِ behavioral epidemiology atِ the Baker IDI Heart andِ Diabetes Institute inِ Australia, whoِ alsoِ presented findings atِ the meeting.

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This research reveals thatِ there’s moreِ to physical activity thanِ working outِ onِ a treadmill.
Alice Bender, a spokeswoman forِ AICR, noted thatِ someoneِ who exercises 30 minutes a day — theِ recommended amount ofِ physical activity — isِ really onlyِ active forِ 3 percent ofِ hisِ or herِ day.
The AICR recommends weِ takeِ small breaks fromِ sitting duringِ our day toِ infuse theِ remaining 97 percent ofِ our] day withِ short periods ofِ activity thatِ canِ protect againstِ many cancers, sheِ said.

Exercise and cancer

In Friedenreich’s study, postmenopausal women whoِ engaged inِ moderate toِ vigorous daily exercise hadِ lower levels ofِ  C-reactive protein inِ their bodies afterِ one year compared withِ women whoِ didِ not engage inِ this level ofِ activity.
Low levels ofِ this protein haveِ beenِ linked toِ reduced breast cancer risk.
C-reactive protein isِ a marker ofِ inflammation, anِ immune response thatِ normallyِ helps yourِ body fight offِ infection.