Probiotic Yogurt May Aid Digestion of Carbs


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Probiotic Yogurt May Aid Digestion of Carbs

Eating probiotic yogurt mightِ change theِ way theِ bacteria inِ your gut break downِ the carbs youِ eat, a newِ study suggests.
Researchers foundِ that eating yogurt daily didِ not alter theِ species ofِ microbes inِ the intestines ofِ people, orِ mice transplanted withِ human gut microbes.
However, whenِ theِ researchers looked atِ the activity ofِ bacterial enzymes inِ the mice’s guts, theyِ discovered significant changesِ in someِ ofِ the enzymes — particularlyِ those involved inِ metabolizing carbohydrates.

The effects of probiotics

Our guts areِ home toِ swarms ofِ bacteria, knownِ collectively asِ the microbiome.
Studies haveِ shown thatِ probiotics, suchِ asِ those foundِ in yogurt, canِ help withِ certainِ intestinal issues, suchِ asِ irritable bowel syndrome.
In theِ newِ study, researchers recruited sevenِ pairs ofِ identical female twins andِ gave themِ two servings ofِ yogurt a day forِ seven weeks.

A new model

Jun Sun, anِ assistant professor ofِ medicine atِ the University ofِ Rochester inِ New York, saidِ the researcher’s method ofِ using mice withِ humanized microbiomes couldِ beِ useful forِ future studies, particularlyِ those thatِ test theِ health benefits ofِ yogurts andِ other fermented milk products.
The research providesِ a nice model toِ test howِ the introduction ofِ differentِ probiotics affects ourِ gut microbial communities, Sun said.
Are Probiotics Safe?] Lynch saidِ studies likeِ this areِ fundamental toِ understanding theِ possibleِ benefits ofِ microbial supplementation approaches.