Prescription Lockers Recalled by Locker


Credit: CPSC.

Prescription Lockers Recalled by Locker

ofِ Henderson, Nev., announced a voluntary recall ofِ aboutِ 59,600 Medicine Bottle Storage Containers.
Hazard: The medicine container canِ open byِ applying pressure toِ theِ latch whenِ itِ isِ locked.
This couldِ result inِ unauthorized access toِ medicine bottles inِ the container.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported

Description: The Rx Locker isِ a medicine bottle storage container.
Production batch numbers areِ printed onِ the bottom ofِ the container.
The recalled containers wereِ manufactured betweenِ May 2010 toِ December 2010 andِ can beِ identified byِ the lastِ six numbers inِ the production batch number.

Manufactured in: China.

Remedy: Consumers shouldِ immediately stop usingِ thisِ product andِ contact Locker Brand forِ a free return mailer.
When theِ product isِ returned, Rx Locker willِ provide a full refund.
PT Monday throughِ Friday, e-mail theِ firm atِ, orِ visit theِ firm’s website atِ