Pregnant Women Who Binge Drink Imbibe As Much As Nonpregnant Women


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Pregnant Women Who Binge Drink Imbibe As Much As Nonpregnant Women

Pregnant women areِ much lessِ likely toِ engage inِ binge drinking thanِ otherِ women, butِ pregnant women whoِ doِ binge drink tend toِ soِ justِ asِ often, andِ to drink justِ asِ much asِ their nonpregnant counterparts, according toِ a newِ report.
The report saysِ that 15 percent ofِ nonpregnant women reported binge drinking inِ the pastِ 30 days, whileِ 1.4 percent ofِ pregnant woman saidِ the same.
However, bothِ pregnant andِ nonpregnant women whoِ saidِ they binge drink reported doingِ so aboutِ three times a month, onِ average, andِ having aboutِ six drinks perِ occasion.

For women, binge drinking is defined as drinking four or more drinks on an occasion.

Women whoِ binge drink beforeِ becomingِ pregnant areِ more likelyِ than women whoِ don’tِ binge drink toِ continue drinking afterِ becoming pregnant, according toِ theِ report fromِ the Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention (CDC).
By conducting alcohol screening andِ interventions forِ nonpregnant women, health care providers couldِ reduce theِ use ofِ alcohol byِ pregnant women, theِ researchers said.
The researchers alsoِ found thatِ 7.6 percent ofِ pregnant women reported drinking anyِ alcohol inِ the pastِ 30 days, butِ there wereِ sharp differences among pregnant women ofِ differentِ ages.