Pregnancy May Change Mom’s Brain For Good


Pregnancy May Change Mom’s Brain For Good

Time inِ the womb isِ obviously important forِ the development ofِ the fetal brain.
But pregnancy isِ alsoِ a time forِ changesِ in Mom’s brain — changesِ that mayِ prepare women toِ becomeِ better mothers.
Pregnant women oftenِ complain aboutِ pregnancy brain orِ mommy brain, a memory fog thatِ seemsِ to produce lost car keys andِ misplaced cell phones.

Pregnant rats

It’s difficult toِ examine theِ brains ofِ pregnant women, andِ much ofِ our modest knowledge comesِ instead fromِ studies ofِ rodents, Glynn said.
Studies haveِ foundِ that pregnancy causesِ rats’ brains toِ form newِ olfactory, orِ smell-related, neurons.
What’s more, suchِ pregnancy-related changesِ persist forِ the rest ofِ the animals’ lives.

Your brain on pregnancy

In fact, recentِ research isِ revealing thatِ fetuses haveِ more effect onِ their mothers thanِ previously realized.
These changesِ in Mom’s physiology happen evenِ when sheِ can’tِ physically feel theِ fetal movements.
One 2005 study foundِ that inِ pregnant mice, theseِ fetal cells hang outِ inِ the brain, especiallyِ in smell-related areas thatِ areِ crucial forِ recognizing offspring.