Positive Thinking Could Lead to Healthier Behavior


Positive Thinking Could Lead to Healthier Behavior

Taking a moment toِ enjoy theِ littleِ things inِ life couldِ help people makeِ betterِ decisions aboutِ their health, a newِ study suggests.
The findings show thatِ aboutِ 55 percent ofِ people withِ coronary artery disease whoِ practiced positive affirmations succeeded inِ sticking toِ a plan toِ getِ more exercise, whileِ 37 percent ofِ people inِ a control group did.
This simple approach givesِ patients theِ tools thatِ helpِ them fulfill theirِ promise toِ themselvesِ thatِ they willِ doِ what’s needed forِ their health, saidِ lead author Dr.

The study is published online today (Jan.
24) in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

The findings areِ based onِ three experiments inِ which a total ofِ 756 participants wereِ randomly assigned toِ eitherِ the experimental positive-affect group orِ the control group.
Participants inِ bothِ groups wrote personal contracts aboutِ the behavior changesِ they wanted toِ make, andِ received phone calls everyِ two months toِ check inِ on theirِ progress.
People inِ the positive-affect group alsoِ received surprise gifts, suchِ asِ tote bags, prior toِ theِ phone sessions.

Overall, the behavior changes appeared to be beneficial.

Positive affect madeِ a real difference — patients areِ better able toِ follow throughِ onِ behaviors toِ improve theirِ health, Charlson said..