These Popular Snacks Will Gain You Weight Like Crazy


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These Popular Snacks Will Gain You Weight Like Crazy

Are youِ consistently gaining weight butِ can’t figure outِ why.
You mightِ beِ surprised toِ learn theِ problem couldِ beِ your snacking habits.
Although snacking isِ a good wayِ toِ tide youِ overِ until yourِ nextِ meal, theِ wrong snacks canِ throw youِ offِ courseِ when itِ comesِ to meeting yourِ weight-loss goals.

Here are 15 surprising snacks that make you gain weight like crazy.

1. Smoothies

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You mightِ think havingِ a liquid snack, likeِ a smoothie, mightِ beِ a good wayِ toِ keepِ your weight down, butِ that’s notِ alwaysِ the case.
Some liquid snacks canِ beِ a source ofِ hidden calories.
“Many smoothies containِ almost asِ many calories asِ fizzy drinks andِ because people thinkِ they’re beingِ healthy byِ drinking them, theyِ mayِ consume themِ inِ larger amounts,” saidِ Barber.

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2. Cereal

Kate Fuss, a blogger atِ The Healthy Habiteer, saidِ she usedِ toِ eat cereal asِ a snack.
She realized laterِ on thatِ cereal canِ beِ just asِ bad asِ some junk foods.
Despite “low-sugar,” “fat-free,” andِ “whole-wheat” marketing tactics, cereal canِ beِ a culprit inِ weight gain.

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Trail mix is fun but full of sugar and sodium. | Darryl Brooks/iStock/Getty Images

3. Trail mix

Trail mix canِ beِ a healthy snack, butِ it canِ alsoِ cause youِ toِ put onِ unwanted pounds.
Riley Thornton, a registered dietitian andِ wellness specialist atِ The University ofِ Alabama atِ Birmingham, saidِ it’s important toِ beِ very careful aboutِ portion sizes.
Trail mix canِ beِ a great snack andِ alternative toِ a large bag ofِ regular chips, butِ when eating moreِ than theِ recommended portion size (about ¼ cup) theِ calories, fat, andِ sugar canِ add up.

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4. Dried fruit

Munching on fresh fruit might be a better alternative. |

Although fruit isِ part ofِ a healthy diet, tooِ muchِ dried fruit canِ cause youِ toِ gain weight.
What youِ mayِ not knowِ isِ these tasty snacks canِ beِ packed withِ sugar.
Registered Dietitian Eliza Whetzel suggests eating regular fruit.

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5. Sushi

You mightِ grab a quick sushi meal forِ lunch withoutِ evenِ thinking aboutِ the calories.
The calories canِ easily add up.
Sushi rice isِ alsoِ prepared withِ a considerable amount ofِ sugar too.

Sushi is loaded with toppings and sauces that add up in calories. | Kamui29/iStock/Getty Images

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6. Rice cakes

Rice cakes tend toِ beِ a low-calorie snack, butِ they canِ leave youِ feeling hungry.
Consequently, you’ll beِ tempted toِ eat more.
This isِ why Crawford saidِ rice cakes canِ beِ bad news forِ your diet.

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7. Fruit juice

Just likeِ smoothies, fruit juice canِ alsoِ cause unexpected weight gain.
Just becauseِ your drink isِ packed withِ fruit doesn’t meanِ it’s good forِ your waistline.
Rebecca Lewis, a registered dietitian atِ HelloFresh, saidِ dieters shouldِ goِ easy onِ the juice cleanses.

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8. Low-fat food

Don’t letِ a low-fat label fool you. Some foods thatِ areِ labeled thisِ way haveِ other thingsِ added toِ makeِ them taste better. While theِ fat mayِ beِ reduced orِ taken out, sugar andِ sodium areِ often added toِ maintain flavor.

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9. Snack bars

Another snack youِ mightِ automatically reach forِ is anِ energy bar. I gained aboutِ five pounds threeِ years agoِ from eating a veryِ popular snack bar. I’d suggest swapping outِ snack bars forِ anِ Oikos yogurt orِ some otherِ type ofِ non-fat Greek yogurt.

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10. Peanut butter

Peanut butter isِ a staple inِ many homes. And althoughِ it isِ delicious, it’s chock-full ofِ calories. Only twoِ tablespoons areِ nearly 200 calories thanksِ to theِ heavy fat content inِ peanut butter.

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11. Granola

Granola mightِ sound healthy, butِ not allِ are created equal. Some granola snacks haveِ other ingredients added toِ themِ thatِ aren’t good forِ your body. Store-bought granola mayِ appearِ healthy, beingِ full ofِ seeds andِ nuts, butِ sadly itِ isِ often covered inِ oil andِ sugar toِ makeِ itِ more appealing.

12. Nuts

If youِ thinkِ you can’t goِ wrong withِ nuts, youِ mightِ beِ surprised toِ knowِ this isn’t true. “All nuts, including almonds, pistachios, andِ walnuts, areِ over 90% fat. Fat hasِ nine calories perِ gram, making nuts veryِ calorie dense.

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13. Sugar-free food

Eating a snack that’s free ofِ sugar mightِ makeِ you thinkِ you’re doingِ something good forِ your body, butِ sugar-free foods canِ beِ bad forِ you. The term sugar-free means thereِ isِ less thanِ 0.5 grams ofِ sugar perِ serving, according toِ Federal Department ofِ Agriculture guidelines. “These artificial sweeteners interfere withِ manyِ of theِ signals inِ our body — oneِ ofِ which isِ related toِ ourِ sense ofِ feeling full.

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14. Fat-free food

Fat-free snacks aren’t allِ they’re cracked upِ toِ be. They mayِ alsoِ contain hidden calories toِ makeِ up forِ the lack ofِ fat. Also, fat-free doesn’t necessarily meanِ there isِ absolutely noِ fat inِ the snack you’re eating.

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15. Zero-calorie foods

No calories mightِ sound likeِ a dream, butِ it reallyِ isn’t. Foods labeled zero-calories areِ often full ofِ sugar andِ salt. And moreِ sugar means moreِ calories.