Pokémon GO Tips to Be the Very Best

Pokémon GO Tips

Finding Pokemon in an alley | Mark Knapp/Entertainment Cheat Sheet

Pokémon GO Tips to Be the Very Best

It tookِ noِ time atِ allِ for Pokémon GO toِ becomeِ a phenomenon, muchِ inِ the sameِ way thatِ the original Pokémon games becameِ a phenomenon.
Whether youِ love orِ hate Pokémon GO, it’s hereِ to stay forِ atِ least a littleِ while (assuming the rampant server problems don’t drive people away).
And ifِ you’re goingِ to play theِ game, youِ mightِ asِ well “be theِ very best, likeِ no oneِ everِ was,” orِ atِ least follow theseِ simple tips toِ improve inِ the game quicker andِ with lessِ headache.

1. Check your eggs regularly

Hopefully youِ alreadyِ know thatِ you canِ collect fertilized eggs withِ soon-to-be Pokémon inside.
The game willِ track yourِ distance andِ apply itِ toward theِ incubation goal.
But, don’t assume everyِ step youِ takeِ will count.

Pokémon GO doesn’t have great tips | Mark Knapp/Entertainment Cheat Sheet

2. Beware the spinning Pokéball

While youِ play, you will probablyِ regularly spot theِ white, spinning Pokéball inِ the upper-left corner ofِ your screen.
When youِ seeِ this, yourِ game isِ communicating withِ theِ servers.
That’s good andِ all, butِ sometimes youِ mightِ notice thatِ the ball hasِ beenِ present inِ the corner forِ a long time evenِ though you’re notِ doingِ much.

3. Track Pokémon in the wild

In theِ bottom-right corner ofِ the main map screen, youِ canِ see what Pokémon areِ nearby.
There areِ footstep markers toِ show general distance, withِ oneِ footstep beingِ quite close, twoِ footsteps being a slight walk away, andِ three footsteps stillِ beingِ within striking distance, butِ you mightِ need toِ spend a fewِ minutes hiking toِ find them.
Update 8/1/2016: The footsteps feature hasِ beenِ removed fromِ Pokémon GO, afterِ it hadِ erroneously beenِ displaying all Pokémon asِ 3 footsteps away.) , 7 ] .

4. Don’t evolve or power up your Pokémon (yet)

Pokemon GO | Remko de Waal/AFP/Getty Images

This mightِ sound likeِ bad advice, sinceِ the point ofِ the game isِ to getِ allِ the Pokémon andِ make themِ stronger soِ you canِ claim leadership of Pokémon gyms (unless yourِ reason isِ just toِ catch Pokémon andِ enjoy time outsideِ with yourِ friends).
Evolving andِ leveling your Pokémon mightِ give youِ anِ immediate boost toِ your squad’s total combat power, butِ you’re goingِ to cash inِ candies andِ stardust toِ doِ so, andِ in theِ end, you’d haveِ beenِ better offِ saving those.
So, whileِ you couldِ spend a ton ofِ candies evolving andِ powering upِ your Pidgey, you mightِ alsoِ just play untilِ you find a super powerful Pidgeot, andِ then allِ the candies youِ didn’t justِ waste onِ a weak Pidgey canِ now goِ to making thatِ powerful Pidgeot evenِ more powerful.

5. Use a common Pokémon to level up fast

You’ll probablyِ notice thatِ your area seemsِ to haveِ anِ insane number ofِ the sameِ few Pokémon, andِ at firstِ it’ll probablyِ annoy theِ hell outِ ofِ you (and allowِ you toِ relate toِ theِ parody video above).
You’ll find yourselfِ withِ a load ofِ candies forِ that Pokémon andِ be able to evolve a ton ofِ them.
Since evolving a Pokémon isِ worth 500xp, it’s a great wayِ toِ level upِ your character.

6. Don’t go into Pokéstops

Mark Knapp/Entertainment Cheat Sheet

All aroundِ the internet areِ stories ofِ people goingِ into stores, restaurants, andِ military bases toِ catch Pokémon orِ access Pokéstops.
The thingِ is, youِ don’t actuallyِ have toِ beِ in mostِ locations swipe the Pokéstop.
So, ifِ you seeِ a business withِ a sign posted saying Pokémon GO players needِ to beِ customers toِ enter, takeِ comfort inِ knowing thatِ you don’t needِ to enter atِ all.

7. Save a bit of time at Pokéstops

When youِ actuallyِ do goِ to Pokéstops, youِ canِ save yourselfِ someِ time byِ not playing intoِ the littleِ bubble popping game offered by Pokémon GO.
All theِ littleِ items thatِ float outِ when youِ spin the Pokéstop canِ beِ collected byِ simply hitting theِ X atِ the bottom ofِ the screen.
It canِ alreadyِ take annoyingly long forِ a Pokéstop toِ load, soِ don’t waste anyِ more time collecting theِ items itِ givesِ you.

8. Don’t throw curveballs

If youِ didn’t know, Pokémon GO lets youِ throw your Pokéball asِ a curveball byِ twirling itِ aroundِ a littleِ bit beforeِ throwing.
Except theِ game oftenِ fails toِ count a throw thatِ isِ obviously shimmering andِ curving throughِ theِ air.
You’re betterِ off saving yourِ time andِ catching theِ Pokémon withِ anِ easy andِ accurate throw, andِ you’re lessِ likely toِ drop yourِ phone withِ unnecessary swiping onِ the screen.

9. Keep it simple on weak Pokémon

Another tip forِ throwing for non-experts isِ to goِ forِ the easy XP bonus onِ weak Pokémon.
You’re moreِ likelyِ to catch a Pokémon ifِ you wait until theِ circle aroundِ them isِ atِ its smallest, andِ when youِ reallyِ want a specific orِ strong Pokémon, that’s theِ timing youِ shouldِ goِ for.
If a Pokémon isِ weak, you’re likelyِ goingِ to haveِ no trouble capturing itِ regardless ofِ your timing, soِ you’re betterِ off justِ throwing your Pokéball whenِ theِ ring isِ atِ its largest soِ you canِ get theِ easy XP bonus ofِ a nice throw.

10. Transfer weak duplicate Pokémon immediately

Unless you’re hanging ontoِ a bunch ofِ one Pokémon forِ the mass evolution XP trick, there’s notِ muchِ sense inِ hanging ontoِ a bunch ofِ the sameِ weak Pokémon.
To save yourselfِ someِ time andِ clutter, youِ canِ actuallyِ transfer themِ to theِ Professor forِ a candy immediately afterِ you catch them.
If youِ don’t doِ it atِ this point, youِ willِ haveِ to tap yourِ wayِ intoِ the Pokémon menu, find the Pokémon, tap it, wait forِ the menu toِ load, andِ then transfer itِ (this isِ a headache whenِ you’re doingِ it forِ 20 Pokémon inِ a row.).

11. Catch Pokémon at the same time as friends

Playing withِ friends isِ great, unlessِ oneِ ofِ them isِ a thieving jerk.
If youِ andِ your friends seeِ a few Pokémon onِ the map atِ the sameِ time, allِ of youِ should target theِ same Pokémon atِ the sameِ time, and make sureِ noِ one catches itِ until you’re allِ ready toِ throw Pokéballs.
If someoneِ captures the Pokémon beforeِ someone elseِ has initiated theِ catching game, itِ may beِ removed fromِ the map, andِ on oneِ elseِ will beِ able toِ catch it.

12. Save all your rare items for now

I’ve saidِ itِ atِ least a dozen times andِ I’ll sayِ itِ again, Pokémon GO is a buggy mess. Pokémon youِ appearِ to catch mightِ not beِ caught becauseِ the game freezes. When tryingِ toِ confirm theِ mass evolution trick withِ double XP fromِ a lucky egg, myِ game ran intoِ the spinning Pokéball glitch.