PlayStation 4 Pro VS Xbox One Scorpio

PlayStation 4 Pro VS Xbox One Scorpio

The Xbox One Scorpio is powerful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will win over Sony users | Microsoft

PlayStation 4 Pro VS Xbox One Scorpio

By theِ endِ of nextِ year, theِ video game landscape willِ lookِ pretty differentِ than itِ doesِ today.
For oneِ thing, Microsoft willِ haveِ the mostِ powerful game console onِ the market.
That’s thanksِ to theِ Xbox One Scorpio, whichِ isِ slated forِ release byِ the endِ of 2017.

Power isn’t everything

The Xbox One Scorpio andِ PlayStation 4 Plus areِ both designed toِ takeِ advantage ofِ state-of-the-art technologies mostِ people’s TVs don’t evenِ support.
Unless youِ haveِ a newِ 4K resolution TV thatِ supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), you’re notِ goingِ to getِ the full benefits ofِ these consoles.
But evenِ putting allِ of thatِ aside, ifِ you reallyِ care aboutِ power andِ graphics, youِ probablyِ alreadyِ have a gaming PC.

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Both Xbox One andِ PlayStation 4 haveِ great exclusive games, butِ the PlayStation lineup isِ a lot moreِ varied.
Unless youِ love driving orِ shooting, theِ Xbox One doesn’t haveِ a wholeِ lot ofِ exclusive games thatِ will appeal toِ you.
At anyِ given moment, Sony hasِ nearly twoِ dozen firstِ andِ second-party studios working onِ allِ kinds ofِ games.


Since theِ PlayStation 4 Pro isِ less powerful thanِ the Xbox One Scorpio, itِ goesِ without sayingِ that it’s goingِ to cost less.
How muchِ lessِ isِ anِ open question untilِ Microsoft makesِ itsِ announcement.
But withِ theِ PS4 Pro ringing inِ atِ $400 whenِ itِ launches onِ November 10, theِ Xbox One Scorpio won’t exactlyِ beِ anِ impulse purchase.

PlayStation has the user base today

The Xbox One Scorpio is going to be very expensive  | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

If theِ history ofِ gaming consoles hasِ taught usِ anything, it’s thatِ there’s noِ guarantee theِ leader ofِ one console generation willِ retain theِ title duringِ the nextِ generation.
That said, it’s worth consideringِ that theِ PlayStation 4 hasِ a commanding lead overِ the Xbox One rightِ nowِ inِ terms ofِ user base.
The PS4 hasِ outsold theِ Xbox One twoِ toِ oneِ forِ this entire generation.

PlayStation 5

The lastِ reason Sony stillِ hasِ anِ edge isِ that theِ company canِ release theِ PlayStation 5 anyِ time itِ wants.
The announcement ofِ the Xbox One Scorpio mayِ haveِ taken theِ wind outِ ofِ the PS4 Pro’s sails, butِ now Microsoft hasِ shown itsِ hand.
Since theِ Xbox One’s relativelyِ slow sales haveِ pushed Microsoft toِ release newِ hardware early, weِ couldِ beِ looking atِ a newِ kind ofِ console war.

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