Personalized Medicine: New Era of Individualized Treatment Arrives


Personalized Medicine: New Era of Individualized Treatment Arrives

A newِ era ofِ personalized medicine hasِ dawned, withِ medical therapies tailored toِ individual patients based onِ their ownِ genes.
The practice, inِ its infancy, isِ illustrated inِ a newِ case ofِ individualized cancer treatment.
Two newِ studies, published inِ the April 20 issue ofِ the Journal ofِ the American Medical Association, document situations inِ which sequencing a patient’s entire genome revealed crucial information aboutِ that person’s cancer, andِ in oneِ case, led doctors toِ choose a specific therapy thatِ sentِ the cancer intoِ remission.

The new studies provide a view of how personalized medicine might work.

Unique genome, tailored treatment

The firstِ study describes a 39-year-old woman withِ leukemia whoِ wasِ scheduled toِ haveِ a stem cell transplant.
Her odds ofِ survival fromِ the transplant wereِ lessِ than 15 percent.
But afterِ having herِ genome sequenced, theِ researchers discovered sheِ hadِ a genetic mutation thatِ meant herِ cancer wouldِ beِ responsive toِ a type ofِ chemotherapy, whichِ hasِ a survival rate ofِ 70 percent.

The future

We areِ beginning toِ seeِ howِ genome sequencing canِ make a real difference inِ the lives ofِ cancer patients andِ their families, saidِ senior author Richard K.
Both studies underscore theِ value ofِ whole-genome sequencing asِ a diagnostic tool.
Sequencing theِ whole genome identified changesِ to theِ patient’s DNA thatِ would notِ haveِ shown upِ onِ standardized genetic tests, theِ researchers said.