Personality Can Make Worry Disorder Worse


Personality Can Make Worry Disorder Worse

Worry a lot.
At leastِ that’s true ofِ people withِ generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), whichِ describes people withِ persistent, debilitating worries.
An intrusive person, forِ example, mightِ express theirِ worry byِ calling a travelling family member everyِ 10 minutes toِ beِ sure theyِ haven’tِ crashed theirِ car.

Worrying types

About 5 percent ofِ the population willِ experience GAD atِ some point inِ their lives, andِ studies show thatِ twice asِ many women asِ men areِ affected.
The questionnaires aimed toِ rank people onِ two scales: Cold toِ warm andِ dominant toِ submissive.
A cold, dominant person wouldِ beِ categorized asِ having cold GAD, meaning theyِ areِ the critical type whoِ expresses theirِ worry throughِ judgment.

Relationship work

The study suggests thatِ therapists helping GAD patients shouldِ askِ them aboutِ their relationships andِ work withِ theِ patients toِ improve theirِ expressions ofِ worry.
We tend toِ takeِ a reallyِ symptom-based approach, Przeworski said.
We wantِ toِ reduce theِ worries, helpِ sleep, butِ for theِ mostِ part, therapists aren’t thinking aboutِ how theِ worry andِ the relationship problems goِ hand-in-hand … We alsoِ need toِ helpِ these folks inِ their relationship problems..