People Dying of Diabetes Who Never Knew They Had It, Study Finds


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People Dying of Diabetes Who Never Knew They Had It, Study Finds

People whoِ don’tِ know theyِ haveِ Type 1 diabetes mayِ account forِ a surprising number ofِ deaths fromِ one complication ofِ the condition, a newِ study says.
Nearly a thirdِ ofِ people inِ Maryland whoِ died overِ a six-year period fromِ diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition ofِ severe insulin deficiency, hadِ no knownِ history ofِ diabetes, theِ study ofِ autopsy results found.
Zabiullah Ali, theِ assistant medical examiner forِ the Office ofِ Chief Medical Examiner inِ Maryland.

What happens when the body runs out of sugar

Diabetic ketoacidosis isِ a complication ofِ diabetes thatِ occurs whenِ body cells don’tِ have enoughِ glucose (sugar) toِ use forِ energy, soِ they switch toِ burning fat instead.
In theِ study, Ali andِ colleagues looked atِ 20,406 autopsies andِ found 107 people whoِ hadِ died fromِ diabetic ketoacidosis, althoughِ only 92 hadِ data availableِ for furtherِ review.
Out ofِ the 92 cases, theyِ foundِ that 60 people wereِ previously diagnosed withِ diabetes, whileِ 32 wereِ not.

Adults can be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes too

Type 1 diabetes wasِ long referred toِ asِ juvenile diabetes, becauseِ people tend toِ beِ diagnosed withِ theِ condition duringِ childhood.
But now, physicians areِ becoming moreِ aware ofِ the possibility ofِ a diagnosis ofِ Type 1 diabetes inِ the adult population, saidِ Dr.
People newly diagnosed withِ Type 1 diabetes mayِ goِ through a honeymoon period, inِ which theyِ mayِ beِ able toِ function evenِ though theyِ aren’t making insulin — butِ that period doesn’tِ last long, heِ said.