Parents Rank ‘Judgment’ as a Big Problem in Raising a Child with Autism


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Parents Rank ‘Judgment’ as a Big Problem in Raising a Child with Autism

When Selena Barclay tookِ herِ three sons toِ watch theِ Fourth ofِ July fireworks inِ their small Missouri town lastِ week, herِ son Logan quickly becameِ upset byِ the noise andِ crowd.
Logan hasِ anِ autism spectrum disorder, andِ Barclay saidِ she isِ accustomed toِ suchِ treatment.
Other parents lookِ atِ you, like, ‘Oh myِ gosh, whatِ isِ goingِ on there?’ saidِ Barclay, a 31-year-old medical assistant.

Dealing with judgment

About oneِ inِ 88 children inِ the U.S.
The challenges thatِ parents ofِ children withِ autism face aren’t well-studied, soِ Ludlow andِ her colleagues interviewed 20 parents whoseِ children haveِ anِ autism disorder.
People question yourِ parenting skills, Barclay said.

What can be done?

The bestِ thing people canِ do ifِ they seeِ a child acting outِ isِ to offer toِ helpِ the parent, Barclay said.
She recalled feeling enormously grateful toِ a neighbor who, uponِ seeingِ Logan haveِ a tantrum atِ Barclay’s home, packed upِ backpacks forِ her twoِ otherِ sons andِ took themِ to herِ home forِ the evening.
Even strangers inِ the grocery store canِ help, sheِ said, forِ example, byِ offering toِ tellِ a store manager aboutِ items haveِ beenِ broken inِ the courseِ of a tantrum, orِ keeping anِ eye onِ other children whileِ a parent focuses onِ dealing withِ theirِ autistic child, sheِ said.