Parents May Underestimate Risks of Childhood Obesity


Parents May Underestimate Risks of Childhood Obesity

More thanِ oneِ inِ six American children andِ teens areِ obese, butِ a newِ poll suggests thatِ parents andِ doctors don’tِ alwaysِ see eye-to-eye onِ the seriousness ofِ the obesity epidemic.
According toِ theِ newِ report, onlyِ aboutِ half ofِ parents believeِ it isِ very important toِ seek medical care forِ anِ overweight child.
There areِ medical andِ psychological complications thatِ areِ occurring inِ these kids, andِ with increasing frequency intoِ their adult years.

Childhood obesity disconnect

About 18 percent ofِ kids underِ theِ age ofِ 19 areِ obese, according toِ theِ Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention.
Read: 8 Reasons Our Waistlines Are Expanding] To gauge parents’ perceptions ofِ childhood weight problems, Children’s Mercy Hospital contracted withِ a polling firm toِ conduct a survey withِ a nationally representative sample ofِ 2,179 American adults, 728 ofِ whom wereِ parents.
With obesity, youِ don’tِ see what’sِ goingِ on insideِ the child’s body.

Concern and solutions

But parents weren’tِ unconcerned withِ childhood obesity.
Though theyِ didn’tِ allِ rate itِ asِ very important, 82 percent ofِ parents didِ say theyِ would seek medical helpِ forِ anِ overweight child.
Both parents andِ nonparents cited parents asِ the group withِ theِ greatest role inِ preventing childhood obesity.