Pancreatic Cancer Test May Detect Early Signs


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Pancreatic Cancer Test May Detect Early Signs

Doctors mightِ beِ able toِ pick upِ early signs ofِ pancreatic cancer byِ looking insideِ the intestine, a newِ study suggests.
The finding suggests suchِ a test couldِ one day beِ used toِ screen patients atِ high risk forِ pancreatic cancer, toِ detect theِ disease inِ its early stages, saidِ study researcher Dr.
Currently, pancreatic cancer isِ diagnosed withِ anِ imaging scan followedِ byِ anِ invasive biopsy.

Cancer detector

In recentِ years, researchers haveِ beenِ investigating minimally invasive ways toِ find cancer byِ looking forِ so-called field effects, whichِ areِ changes thatِ occur inِ nearby tissues asِ a result ofِ cancer growth.
For instance, tumors require anِ increased blood supply.
The newِ study involved 12 patients whoِ hadِ beenِ diagnosed withِ pancreatic cancer, andِ nine healthy people whoِ didِ not haveِ the disease.

Screening patients

Finding a minimally invasive screening test forِ such a lethal cancer hasِ beenِ a holy grail inِ cancer diagnostics forِ a long time, saidِ Dr.
David Robbins, associate chief ofِ the Center forِ Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy atِ Lenox Hill Hospital inِ New York, whoِ wasِ notِ involved inِ the study.
The intestinal probe inِ this study represents anِ advance overِ the tests weِ haveِ now forِ pancreatic cancer, whichِ areِ used toِ diagnose theِ cancer andِ screen people atِ high risk forِ the disease, Robbins said.

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