Painkiller Abuse Can Lead to Heroin, Study Reveals


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Painkiller Abuse Can Lead to Heroin, Study Reveals

Abuse ofِ prescription drugs mayِ beِ a gateway toِ abuse ofِ hard, illegal drugs suchِ asِ heroin, a newِ study says.
The study looked atِ a high risk group ofِ adolescents whoِ abused bothِ injection drugs andِ prescription drugs.
About 85 percent ofِ the teens saidِ they abused opioid painkillers, whichِ include Vicodin andِ OxyContin , beforeِ trying heroin.

High risk group

The researchers said that the teens in the study were not typical.

While aboutِ 25 percent ofِ young adults sayِ they haveِ misused prescription pain medications, onlyِ aboutِ 1 percent haveِ used injection drugs, Lankenau said.
Therefore, theِ study’s findings areِ likely toِ beِ true onlyِ forِ the high-risk group, theِ researchers said.
These adolescents haveِ other factors thatِ put themِ atِ risk forِ illegal drug use, including living withِ a family member thatِ misuses drugs orِ havingِ a psychiatric disorder, suchِ asِ depression orِ anxiety .