Painful Confusion: Americans Don’t Know What’s in Popular Painkillers


Painful Confusion: Americans Don’t Know What’s in Popular Painkillers

The American public isِ confused aboutِ what’s inِ popular over-the-counter painkillers, according toِ a small newِ study.
That fact couldِ put people atِ risk forِ taking tooِ muchِ medication orِ taking potentially dangerous combinations.
Only 31 percent ofِ people inِ the study knew thatِ Tylenol containsِ acetaminophen, whileِ 75 percent ofِ people knew thatِ Bayer contained aspirin andِ 47 percent ofِ people knew thatِ Motrin containsِ ibuprofen, theِ study said.

The study was published today (May 3) in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.


Researchers conducted focus groups withِ 45 English-speaking adults inِ two cities toِ test theirِ knowledge andِ use ofِ over-the-counter painkillers.
Forty-four percent ofِ the people inِ the groups read atِ or belowِ a sixth-grade level.
Researchers foundِ that onlyِ 41 percent ofِ people inِ the study read theِ ingredients onِ the drug labels.

Labeling suggestions

While theِ study’s findings areِ alarming, theyِ areِ not surprising, Sanders said.
Previous research byِ Sanders shows thatِ there isِ similar confusion among theِ parents ofِ young children whoِ useِ liquid over-the-counter medication forِ their children.

It’s not consumers’ fault that the labels are so confusing, Sanders said.

I thinkِ theِ marketing andِ labeling ofِ these products isِ very confusing, Sanders told MyHealthNewsDaily.
The study researchers propose havingِ a symbol printed onِ the drug label thatِ indicatesِ the active ingredient, soِ that people canِ easily seeِ what theyِ areِ taking.
They alsoِ suggest havingِ clearer warnings onِ drug packaging forِ liver damage..