Older Couples’ Sexual Relationships Jeopardized at Care Facilities


Credit: Hanna Monika Cybulko | Dreamstime

Older Couples’ Sexual Relationships Jeopardized at Care Facilities

Sexual relationships remain important asِ people age, butِ living inِ anِ elderly care home mayِ restrict older people’s sexual fulfillment, according toِ a newِ study fromِ Australia.
The researchers foundِ that althoughِ older people areِ often able toِ maintain sexual relationships whileِ living inِ their ownِ homes,moving intoِ a care facility canِ restrict theseِ relationships becauseِ of a lack ofِ privacy, fear aboutِ safety, andِ the lack ofِ appropriate medical attention givenِ to sexual health issues.
Often, engaging inِ sex canِ beِ complicated forِ the elderly becauseِ of declining cognitive function, suchِ asِ dementia.

There are always risks and benefits associated with intimacy,” Rabin said.

Seeking toِ protect people suffering fromِ dementia mayِ actuallyِ inhibit theirِ freedom ofِ expression, andِ their overallِ health, theِ researchers concluded.
The researchers, andِ Rabin, bothِ emphasized thatِ protecting anyoneِ — andِ particularly thoseِ inِ delicate mental conditions — fromِ the harms ofِ abusive, harmful orِ illegal sex isِ a top priority, butِ should notِ comeِ atِ the expense ofِ sexual freedom, a basic human right..