Night Owls More Likely to Experience Nightmares


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Night Owls More Likely to Experience Nightmares

Night owls mightِ think staying upِ late isِ a real hoot, butِ a newِ study hints thatِ delayed sleep mightِ haveِ a sinister side.
People whoِ hit theِ sack late mightِ haveِ a greater risk ofِ experiencing nightmares, according toِ scientists, althoughِ they add thatِ follow-up research isِ needed toِ confirm theِ link.
Previous reports haveِ estimated 80 percent ofِ adults experience atِ least oneِ nightmare a year, withِ 5 percent suffering fromِ disturbing dreams moreِ than onceِ a month.

Mood matters

Exactly whyِ evening types mightِ report moreِ nightmares isِ a mystery.
Other scientists haveِ foundِ anِ association betweenِ mood disorders, suchِ asِ depression, andِ sleep problems.
However, Blagrove adds thatِ night owls whoِ goِ to bed late duringِ the week andِ have toِ wake upِ forِ work atِ the sameِ time asِ early birds areِ more likelyِ to experience sleep deficit—and toِ makeِ up forِ it onِ the weekends byِ sleeping in.

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