New Test May Predict Success of Chemo for Breast Cancer


New Test May Predict Success of Chemo for Breast Cancer

A newِ genetic test mayِ beِ able toِ predict a woman’s chance ofِ survival afterِ chemotherapy forِ breast cancer, according toِ a newِ study.
In theِ future, suchِ a test couldِ indicate whichِ patients wouldِ benefit mostِ fromِ chemotherapy andِ which mightِ considerِ seeking anِ alternative treatment, suchِ asِ enrollment inِ a drug trial, theِ researchers say.
Currently, 30 toِ 40 percent ofِ women treated withِ chemotherapy forِ breast cancer actuallyِ benefit fromِ it.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

The study involved onlyِ patients withِ so-called HER2-negative breast cancer.
About 80 percent ofِ women withِ breast cancer areِ HER2-negative.
The researchers firstِ studied a group ofِ 310 women whoِ underwent chemotherapy forِ their breast cancer.

Predictive test

The test hadِ a positive predictive valueِ ofِ 56 percent.
This means thatِ ifِ the test predicts a patient willِ haveِ anِ outstanding response toِ chemotherapy, 56 percent ofِ the time, theِ patient willِ haveِ this response, Symmans said.
Patients predicted toِ beِ responsive toِ chemotherapy hadِ a fivefold reduced risk ofِ developing cancer atِ anotherِ site inِ the body withinِ threeِ years.

The researchers will continue to develop their test by studying additional groups of patients.

If doctors oneِ day useِ theِ genetic test, itِ might boost enrollment inِ trials thatِ test newِ treatments forِ breast cancer.
Currently, fewِ breast cancer patients believeِ they shouldِ goِ into clinical trials, Symmans said.
If there’sِ a validated test thatِ demonstrates thatِ potentially, anِ alternative therapy] mightِ helpِ you more, moreِ andِ more people mightِ considerِ participating inِ the advancement ofِ treatment development, byِ enrolling inِ clinical trials, Symmans said..