New Diabetes Device Tests Tears Instead of Blood


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New Diabetes Device Tests Tears Instead of Blood

For diabetics, thereِ isِ no comfortable wayِ toِ accurately measure blood sugar thatِ doesِ not involve blood.
Testing takes a littleِ pinprick, butِ some people whoِ shouldِ test manyِ times a day don’tِ becauseِ of theِ pain.
A sensor developed byِ researchers atِ the University ofِ Michigan detected dilute levels ofِ sugar, orِ glucose, inِ tears, according toِ theِ study published yesterday (Nov.

Testing tears

People withِ diabetes haveِ too muchِ glucose inِ their blood, whetherِ becauseِ their pancreas stopped making theِ hormone insulin thatِ regulates blood sugar, orِ becauseِ the cells inِ their bodies becameِ resistant toِ insulin, andِ therefore areِ unable toِ uptake sugar fromِ the bloodstream.
The researchers atِ University ofِ Michigan aren’t theِ firstِ to tryِ anِ alternative byِ testing tears forِ glucose levels inِ the body.
Jeffrey LaBelle, a biomedical engineer atِ Arizona State University, hasِ teamed withِ researchers atِ the Mayo Clinic toِ develop tear glucose monitoring technology.

Accuracy is crucial

Modern blood glucose sensors require lessِ blood thanِ inِ decades past, butِ so farِ no alternative hasِ completely removed theِ needِ forِ blood testing.
And, Grunberger said, accurate glucose testing isِ the firstِ andِ most important piece ofِ information doctors needِ to treat diabetics.
Tears mayِ never completely replace blood tests either.