New CPSC Data Show Child Drownings Still A Leading Cause of Death


Credit: CPSC.

New CPSC Data Show Child Drownings Still A Leading Cause of Death

The U.S.
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) kicked offِ the summer swimming season andِ the thirdِ year ofِ the Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives campaign.
This year, Pool Safely’s focus isِ on populations mostِ atِ risk ofِ drowning, including children younger thanِ 5 years oldِ who represent nearlyِ 75 percent ofِ child drowning fatalities andِ African American andِ Hispanic children betweenِ the ages ofِ 5 andِ 14 whoِ drown atِ higher rates thanِ white children, according toِ theِ Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention.

New statistics released by CPSC today include:

Today, Chairman Tenenbaum shared simple steps toِ pool safely andِ data fromِ CPSC’s annual drowning/near-drowning andِ entrapment reports, atِ anِ event atِ the International Swimming Hall ofِ Fame inِ Ft.
She wasِ joined byِ Wanda Butts, a mother whoِ lost herِ son toِ drowning inِ 2006 andِ formed The Josh Project toِ helpِ other children learn howِ to swim; Kim Burgess fromِ the National Drowning Prevention Alliance andِ the Broward County Health Department’s Drowning Prevention Coordinator; andِ USA Swimming’s Make a Splash official Kim O’Shea.
Education isِ the key toِ preventing tragic incidents atِ the pool thisِ summer.