New Childhood Obesity Genes Found


New Childhood Obesity Genes Found

Researchers haveِ linked twoِ newِ genes withِ anِ increased risk ofِ obesity inِ children, a newِ study says.

The genes show a strong association with childhood obesity, the researchers say.

Previous studies haveِ identified genes associatedِ with obesity inِ adults, andِ in children withِ extreme obesity due toِ anِ underlying condition, butِ the newِ study isِ the firstِ to link genes withِ childhood obesity inِ the general population.
We seeِ a clear genetic signature toِ childhood obesity, showing thereِ isِ more thanِ justِ anِ environmental component toِ thisِ disease, saidِ study researcher Struan Grant, associate director ofِ the Center forِ Applied Genomics atِ The Children’s Hospital ofِ Philadelphia.
The study, conducted byِ anِ international group ofِ researchers, wasِ published online Sunday (April 8) inِ the journal Nature Genetics.

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