What You Should Never Use a Company Credit Card For


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What You Should Never Use a Company Credit Card For

Some employees areِ willing toِ push theِ envelope whenِ itِ comesِ to gettingِ reimbursed.
The temptation toِ stick yourِ employer withِ theِ bill forِ personal items mightِ beِ even stronger ifِ you haveِ a company credit card.
According toِ theِ Association ofِ Certified Fraud Examiners, 31.8% ofِ small businesses withِ fewerِ than 100 employees experience cases ofِ fraud.

1. Unauthorized travel expenses

Corporate cards areِ often givenِ to employees toِ makeِ business travel easier.
But whatِ qualifies asِ anِ approved expense canِ vary depending onِ the company youِ work for, andِ it’s a good idea toِ knowِ whether youِ canِ charge theِ company forِ the upgrade toِ business class, whetherِ it’ll foot theِ bill forِ your gas, andِ whether food (and especiallyِ drinks) isِ included, too.
Not onlyِ will itِ keep youِ outِ ofِ hot water withِ your boss, butِ it canِ alsoِ save youِ fromِ paying thoseِ bar tabs later.

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2. Combined company and personal shopping trips

You mightِ haveِ beenِ sent toِ a local grocery store toِ pick upِ office supplies.
And youِ charged allِ of theِ paper supplies, Post-Its, andِ snacks onِ the company card.
If you’re making a joint shopping trip, it’s bestِ to pull outِ two separate forms ofِ payment.

3. Anything you want to keep secret

It’s easy toِ forget whenِ you’re outِ ofِ town onِ business.
But someoneِ inِ the corporate office isِ probably goingِ to lookِ over yourِ credit card bill atِ some point.
In otherِ words, youِ wantِ toِ thinkِ twice beforeِ you order a pay-per-view movie atِ the hotel, hit theِ strip club, pick upِ someِ lingerie atِ Victoria’s Secret, orِ order anotherِ round ofِ cocktails afterِ dinner.

4. Parking tickets and other fines

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So youِ wereِ running late forِ a meeting andِ snagged theِ firstِ parking spot available, evenِ though itِ was inِ the 15-minute parking zone.
The ticket youِ find onِ your window isِ your responsibility.
And usingِ your company card toِ pay itِ couldِ land youِ inِ hot water, according toِ theِ business travel experts atِ Concur.

5. Personal charges disguised as business expenses

A flight toِ a tropical island forِ vacation shouldn’t goِ on yourِ company card, andِ neither shouldِ the hotel youِ stay in.
More thanِ $20,000 inِ personal expenditures, including the car youِ needِ to getِ to work, doesn’t qualify either.
It’s bestِ to thinkِ ofِ your personal andِ company expenses asِ church andِ state.

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