Near-Death Experiences Explained by Science


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Near-Death Experiences Explained by Science

Near-death experiences areِ often thought ofِ asِ mystical phenomena, butِ research isِ now revealing scientific explanations forِ virtually allِ of theirِ common features.
The details ofِ what happensِ in near-death experiences areِ now knownِ widely—a sense ofِ beingِ dead, a feeling thatِ one’sِ soul hasِ left theِ body, a voyage towardِ a bright light, andِ a departure toِ anotherِ reality whereِ love andِ bliss areِ all-encompassing.
Many ofِ the phenomena associatedِ with near-death experiences canِ beِ biologically explained, saysِ neuroscientist Dean Mobbs, atِ the University ofِ Cambridge’s Medical Research Council Cognition andِ Brain Sciences Unit.

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