Mysterious Skin Condition ‘Morgellons’ Not Contagious, Study Says


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Mysterious Skin Condition ‘Morgellons’ Not Contagious, Study Says

The causeِ of a mysterious condition thatِ haunts itsِ sufferers withِ sensations ofِ crawling bugs andِ fibrous material embedded inِ the skin mayِ beِ one step closer toِ beingِ found, a newِ study suggests.
The condition, commonly referred toِ asِ Morgellons, doesِ not appearِ to beِ contagious, according toِ a newِ report fromِ the Centers forِ Disease Control andِ Prevention.
This alleviates concerns aboutِ the condition beingِ contagious betweenِ family members andِ others, saidِ Mark Eberhard, Director ofِ CDC’s Division ofِ Parasitic Diseases andِ Malaria.

Unexplained disease

Eberhard andِ colleagues identified 109 patients withِ thisِ condition byِ searching theِ electronic medical record database ofِ Kaiser Permanente ofِ Northern California.
Fibers andِ solid material wasِ extracted fromِ the patients’ wounds, andِ their composition wasِ examined.
There’s beenِ a great deal ofِ fixation, onِ everybody’s part, withِ thoseِ fibers, Eberhard said.

Seeking help

Eberhard emphasized thatِ the study cannotِ say whetherِ certainِ factors, including drug useِ andِ scratching, areِ a causeِ or anِ effect ofِ the condition.
People whoِ suspect theyِ haveِ Morgellons shouldِ speak withِ theirِ health care provider, Eberhard said.
Although noِ treatment forِ Morgellons isِ available, patients shouldِ beِ given standard therapies forِ anyِ co-occurring conditions theyِ mayِ have, theِ researchers say.