Music Can Soothe Cancer Patients’ Anxiety | Music Therapy


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Music Can Soothe Cancer Patients’ Anxiety | Music Therapy

Listening toِ music orِ playing anِ instrument mayِ reduce anxiety andِ pain inِ cancer patients andِ improve theirِ quality ofِ life, according toِ a newِ review.
The findings suggest music therapy couldِ beِ used inِ conjunction withِ otherِ cancer treatments toِ improve patients’ daily lives.
I thinkِ it’sِ definitelyِ worth offering toِ patients to] seeِ ifِ it works forِ them, saidِ study researcher Joke Bradt, a music therapist andِ associate creative arts professor atِ Drexel University inِ Philadelphia.

Music therapy

Bradt andِ colleagues reviewed 30 trials ofِ music therapy forِ patients withِ anyِ type ofِ cancer, a total ofِ nearlyِ 1,900 participants.
Music therapists areِ trained toِ assess theِ needsِ of patients andِ play appropriate songs toِ address theِ patients’ concerns, Bradt said.
About 64 percent ofِ patients whoِ received music therapy reported anِ improvement inِ their anxiety symptoms, compared withِ 36 percent ofِ patients whoِ didِ not receive music therapy, Bradt said.

Why does it work?

Music mayِ distract people fromِ pain orِ anxiety aboutِ cancer treatment side effects, Bradt said, andِ  the rightِ piece ofِ music canِ relax patients.
Music canِ alsoِ help patients communicate withِ theirِ families .
Bradt saidِ itِ canِ sometimes beِ hard forِ patients’ friends andِ caregivers toِ talk withِ theirِ loved onesِ aboutِ their condition andِ express howِ they areِ feeling.