Morning Heart Attacks Are More Deadly


Morning Heart Attacks Are More Deadly

Heart attacks thatِ occur inِ the early morning mayِ beِ more seriousِ than thoseِ thatِ occur laterِ inِ the day, a newِ study suggests.
The results show thatِ people whoِ haveِ heart attacks betweenِ 6 a.m.
The findings suggest hospitals shouldِ beِ well-staffed inِ the early morning hours toِ attend toِ heart attack patients, saidِ study researcher Borja Ibanez, ofِ the National Centre forِ Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) inِ Spain.

Morning heart attacks

Ibanez andِ his colleagues analyzed data fromِ 811 heart attack patients admitted toِ theِ Hospital Clinico San Carlos inِ Madrid betweenِ 2003 andِ 2009.
These patients suffered fromِ what isِ known asِ ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) — a type ofِ heart attack inِ which theِ blood supply toِ theِ heart isِ blocked forِ prolonged period.

The researchers divided patients into four categories depending on when the heart attack had occurred.

Two hundredِ sixty-nine patients hadِ their heart attacks betweenِ 6 a.m.
andِ noon; 240 betweenِ noon andِ 6 p.m.; 161 occurred fromِ 6 p.m.
The researchers examined theِ levels ofِ certainِ enzymes released byِ the body duringِ a heart attack toِ determine theِ extent ofِ the tissue damage, orِ tissue thatِ hasِ died duringِ the attack, alsoِ known asِ the infarct size.

Body clock

Every cell inِ the human body hasِ its ownِ internal clock (called circadian clocks) thatِ allows itِ to tellِ what time ofِ day itِ is, letting cells anticipate what’sِ next, Young said.
If thisِ happens, individuals mayِ beِ more susceptible toِ stresses atِ certain times ofِ the day andِ suffer fromِ diseases, suchِ asِ heart attack.
In addition, proteins inِ the heart muscle thatِ follow a circadian rhythm mayِ play a role inِ howِ the body responds toِ a heart attack.